Asia Heartbeat
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What We do

Orphanage and Children's Home Support

We assist in the provision of comprehensive care for orphaned, abandoned and needy children through strategic partnerships with orphanages and child-care centers in the nation of Myanmar.

Our involvement includes the following areas:

The provision of and material and financial support for numerous orphanages

We currently provide monthly financial support for 5 orphanages.

In addition, we provide various types of material support to  orphanages, including food support, clothing, medicine, hygiene supplies, blankets, bed-mats, mosquito nets, bicycles and Christian literature, impacting more than 2100 children.

Mobile medical and dental clinics - This service has already been provided for over 180 orphanages and is on-going. To date, over five thousand children have received much needed medical and dental care.  In addition to primary care, we have helped to arrange for life saving heart surgeries (including several open-heart procedures).

Training and equipping (capacity-building) national workers - One to four week comprehensive child-care seminars have been conducted annually by The Myanmar Compassion Project in the capital of Yangon, since the fall of 2001. The curriculum has been carefully formatted to address the areas noted above. Special emphasis has been given to such issues as the diagnosis and management of common childhood illnesses, nutritional concerns, and the maintenance of proper hygiene. In addition, other relevant topics addressed have included basic management principles and early childhood development issues. A total of approximately 245 care givers representing 150 orphanages have attended these seminars.

Orphanage construction projects - Through various partnerships, 20 new orphanage buildings have been constructed for these precious children.

Infrastructure improvement projects, including painting and minor repairs to homes as well as the construction of recreational facilities.

Through the generous support of Rotary International, we have been able to provide clean water facilities for 25 orphanages.  Because clean water is such a critical need, we and Rotary are committed to going an additional 20 projects over the next 2 years.

Christian Literature 

The Christian Media Center opened in 2004 to freely lend Christian books and be a center for translation of Christian literature.  Originally opened in downtown Yangon, the CMC has been relocated to Asia Heartbeat's main building.  Hundreds of people visit the center each month to study and borrow from this library of over 10,000 volumes.  The CMC has translated and published dozens of titles for both children and adults.
An ongoing funding need is assistance in the translation and publishing costs of additional titles.  Some books are provided at no charge to our orphanages.  Others are sold at cost or discounted below cost to be affordable to Bible students and pastors.
Christian Education
Matt and Faith Perkins head up our Education Ministry to Christian schools around the country of Myanmar.  They work with established Christian schools to train, equip, and encourage the teachers, and host training seminars for preschool teachers from around the country.  These Christian preschools and schools are an amazing avenue for young children and families to not only get an excellent education, but also hear about Jesus.  In the public schools, there are often 60+ students to one teacher.  They are taught to memorize government issued books to be able to pass a test at the end of the year. The time is ripe for bringing both education and the Gospel to Myanmar.

Opportunities for Involvement:

  • Join our prayer support team
  • Donate material resources (books, educational tools, clothing, toys, hygiene supplies, vitamins)
  • Become a financial partner 
    • $35 will support a child for one month

      $30 will buy a 50 kg bag of rice
      $60 will restock an orphanage medical kit
      $50 will buy a school uniform and books for one student

      $10 will buy and umbrella and backpack for one student

      $60 will buy recreational equipment for one orphanage

      $100 will buy a bicycle
      Designated donations may be made for special medical needs such as life-saving surgical procedures and hospitalizations as well as for building and infrastructure projects