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Children suffer the most...

35,000 children (under the age of 5) die every day as a result of malnutrition or starvation [World Vision].

Every year 40,000,000 children lose their lives through parental consent [UN]. This means that 29% of all children are never born.

Family Disintegration & Abandonment:
There are at least 100,000,000 children who live or work on the streets of our cities [UNICEF, 1994]. Most of these children are confronting the dangers of life in this hostile environment as a result of family breakdown.

Sexual Exploitation, Rape and Abuse:
There are at least 10,000,000 children currently suffering the oppression of forced prostitution and another 1,000,000 join this industry every year [World Vision, UNICEF].

During the period 1984 to 1994, more than 1,500,000 children were killed in wars, over 4,000,000 were disabled, maimed, blinded or brain damaged by wars and 12,000,000 lost their homes as the result of war. During this period, 35 nations are known to have conscripted children into their armed forces [Save the Children, 1994].

Slavery and Abusive child labour:
Between 100 and 200,000,000 children are currently involved in child labour [UN Children's Fund]

The above statistics were taken from the "Oxford Statement on Children at Risk." The complete article is available here.