Asia Heartbeat
Phone: 719.332.8172
PO Box 6419 Colorado Springs
CO 80934-6419

Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission is to proclaim and demonstrate God's love to children in crisis as we train and equip national workers in compassion-based ministries by:

  • Providing comprehensive care for children at risk, with an emphasis upon orphaned and abandoned children.
  • Training and equipping nationals in compassion-based ministries, including but not limited to orphanage staff members, Bible school students, and other Christian lay workers.
  • Providing Christian literature services to children and adults through the Christian Media Center in Yangon.
  • Assisting in the development of micro-enterprise (income generation) projects for selected orphanages and church-based initiatives.

We Have A Vision to better establish and increase our ability to fulfull the above mandate to children in Myanmar with possible expansion to other Southeast Asian Nations.

As a ministry, Our Values include the following:

  • We are committed to advancing the Kingdom of God through this ministry,
  • We affirm God's heart, will and desire for all children as clearly defined in the Bible and are committed to rescuing and nurturing as many children in crisis as possible,
  • We are committed to advocating for populations at risk, particularly orphaned and abandoned children,
  • We are committed to capacity building all individuals associated with this ministry,
  • We are committed to fiscal integrity and corporate transparency.