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                               Update on our Educational Ministry in Myanmar                                                              

Matt and Faith Perkins head up our Education Ministry to Christian schools around the country of Myanmar.  They will be traveling, with a small team, to Myanmar from June 4th -18th.  The purpose of the trip is twofold, working with established Christian schools to train, equip, and encourage the teachers, and hosting a training seminar for preschool teachers from around the country.  These Christian preschools and schools are an amazing avenue for young children and families to not only get an excellent education, but also hear about Jesus.  In the public schools, there are often 60+ students to one teacher.  They are taught to memorize government issued books to be able to pass a test at the end of the year. The time is ripe for bringing both education and the Gospel to Myanmar. They will be traveling with two friends who will assist them in training the preschool teachers and who will be spending a few days teaching at a seminary in Yangon while Matt and Faith are ministering to the schools.  We would appreciate your prayers during our journey! 

Prayer Requests

-        Safe travel to Myanmar and within the country

-        Wisdom in leading an advisory board at one of the Christian schools in Yangon

-        Prayer for Christians with a heart for teaching in Myanmar

-        Pray for the preschools we have worked with to be a beacon of light to the villages, some being among unreached people groups

-        Pray for wisdom for the school leaders we work with as they minister to their students and families in their schools, many who are Buddhist but want a strong education.

-        Pray that we can communicate clearly and effectively with the teachers

-        Please pray for peace for our four children at home and peace for us that we can be fully engaged with the Burmese people



Our mission is to proclaim and demonstrate God's love to children in crisis
as we train and equip national workers in compassion-based ministries.