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                                                              Berea Home – Providing a Future and a Hope

Ten years ago, Berea Home was founded by the Myanmar Compassion Project on a farm on the outskirts of the capital city of Yangon in order to provide a place of refuge for orphaned, abandoned and needy children.  Since that time, it has grown into a home filled with love, affirmation and purpose for more than 20 children.  Through the years, children from different ethnic groups have arrived at the home with their own unique stories.  

One such child was Joshua, who came to us at the age of 7 after he had been abandoned and was found living on the streets of Yangon.  The wife of the military attaché at the US Embassy actually came upon him as he was being kicked and abused in a local market.  She intervened, rescued him and brought him to the MCP office with the hope that a home could be found for him.  Berea Home had just been established and Joshua was welcomed there with open arms.  Over the years, Joshua has grown into a fine and Godly young man.  Another child named Thomas was brought to us from a Buddhist monastery.  After finishing school, he found a job working as a salesman in a sporting goods shop downtown.  On occasion, he returns to the home and even donates a portion of his salary to help with expenses!  

Both of these young men as well as their brothers and sisters have truly lived up to the name of their adopted home by “receiving the message (of the hope and love of Christ) with great eagerness” (Acts 17:11).  Thank-you for helping Joshua, Thomas and so many other young lives move from a life of destitution to one of hope and thus fulfill God’s highest purposes for their lives.

Our mission is to proclaim and demonstrate God's love to children in crisis
as we train and equip national workers in compassion-based ministries.